Perfect For Mild to Moderate Bunions (Hallux valgus)


Bunion Sleeve creates a barrier between your bunion (big toe joint) and your shoe. The ultra thin bunion corrector is only 0.4mm thin, making it easy and comfortable to wear in any shoe during periods of rest or intense activity.


This bunion corrector gently repositions your big toe back to its more natural alignment helping to improve your balance and gait. Bunion Sleeve is great for running, walking and people who like to stay active.


This bunion treatment without surgery works by slowly releasing built up tension and relieving soreness. If you are looking for an alternative to invasive surgery or rigid splints, then this is the best bunion corrector for you.

Super Slim Hallux valgus Corrector Sleeve With Extra Support


Bunion Sleeve+ protects your toes from footwear friction. Only 1mm think it can be worn comfortably with shoes during any activity and at night.


Gently realigns your big and little toes back to their more natural alignment and its longitudinal and transverse arch support helps to keep your toes on the ground to reduce fatigue from standing and walking.


Spreads your toes to increase their contact with the ground thereby helping to improve balance, weight distribution and posture.

Product Reviews

It's REALLY helped. Bunion dwelling has reduced and now not inflamed. Amazing thank you. Thin and comfortable...and has made a difference.

- Joanna M.

I walk everyday using the Bunion Sleeve's, surprisingly comfortable while wearing my runners. I like because of the toe separation.

- Kerryn J.

I deliberately delayed my response because I wanted to be truthful in my response. Now that I have had the sleeve's for nearly two months I can honestly say that my bunions are being corrected...I wear the sleeve's all the time, even to bed they're so comfortable.

- Jacqueline A.

I feel that the bunion sleeve plus is already making a difference to my toe alignment and my shoe fitting. I am very hopeful for a long term correction over time. I have washed the bunion sleeves by hand and am happy with them so far

- Kathleen W.

Bunion Symptoms – Do you have a bunion?

A bunion, also called Hallux valgus, is a deformity of the big toe. This is a condition where the big toe is angled excessively towards the second toe, and a swollen, bony lump appears on the outside edge of your foot. Typical bunion symptoms occur as the condition gets worse with the big toe rubbing against the second toe and pushing it out of place. The bunion will also start pressing against your shoe causing swelling and pain in the affected area. In addition, the bunion impedes the big toe from working properly, meaning the other, smaller toes have to take the burden of your body weight when you move - leading to further discomfort and pain. As bunion symptoms increase, your foot may become wider making it difficult to find properly fitting shoes. If left for too long, bunion treatment can be invasive, so it is important to consider appropriate care (Bunion Treatment Without Surgery) for your bunion to reduce symptoms before it’s too late.

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