D Mannose


D Mannose 100% Pure Powder - 100g | NO ADDITIVES | Naturally Supports Bladder Health & Urinary Infections (UTIs) | Packed in ISO Licensed Facilities in the UK.

  • URINARY TRACT INFECTIONS - D Mannose passes through the urinary tract intact and inhibits the adherence of bacteria like E. coli. This forces their elimination from the body through the urine.
  • FIRST CLASS BLADDER SUPPORT - D-Mannose is a simple sugar found in cranberries and cranberry juice, both of which are well known for aiding in the clearance of bladder or urinary tract infections (UTI's). Unlike other sugars, D Mannose is not metabolised and is passed intact through the urinary system to exert its cleansing/detoxifying effects.
  • IMPROVE DIGESTIVE HEALTH - D Mannose is not broken down and used for energy like other sugars. Once in the digestive tract it forms a thin nourishing coating over the digestive lining to reduce inflammation and promote the health of the intestines.
  • A BETTER WAY TO TAKE D-MANNOSE - Our pure D Mannose powder allows us to provide you with the best value for money while ensuring you get the same high quality product found in our tablets and capsules. Use a scale set or the included 1g scoop to fully customise your dosage regime and combine with other supplements to make yourself a personalised nootropic stack. Powders are easily consumed by adding to drinks or smoothies.
  • MADE IN THE UK - Our D-Mannose is packaged in ISO licensed facilities and is subject to multiple quality control checks throughout the manufacturing process. Our top priority is the quality of our products. 

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